December 29, 2006

Year in Review

We were talking last night about how crazy it is that 2007 is just days away. Where did 2006 go? Looking back I realize that we've definitely had a busy, yet memorable, year.

  • I was diagnosed with bronchitis and borderline pneumonia just after returning from our trip to Michigan. Had to reschedule my hysteroscopy and D&C.
  • The mess of the "reorganization" began at work.
  • 1st -- Hysteroscopy and D&C.
  • 2 frustrating appointments with different RE's.
  • 19th -- 6 year wedding anniversary and annual trip to Moab.
  • 12th -- First positive pregnancy test.
  • Progesterone injections start.
  • Morning sickness kicks in.
  • Reorganization at work starting to get really ugly.
  • 5th -- See heartbeat on Ultrasound.
  • Trips to ER for morning sickness/dehydration/migraines start.
  • Diagnosed with hyperemesis.
  • 18th -- PICC line inserted.
  • C and I start looking for new work opportunities.
  • New jobs found in Idaho.
  • Progesterone injections stopped.
  • PICC line comes out.
  • Everything we own is packed up and carted off by the moving company.
  • We embark on our new lives in Idaho.
  • I deal with the hassle of the movers.
  • I deal with the inconvenience of the condo.
  • Waiting on the official job posting for my job.
  • Start looking for a house in Idaho.
  • Job interview.
  • 20 week ultrasound.
  • Still on Zofran for hyperemesis.
  • Start job.
  • Field Day for work.
  • Sold house in Utah.
  • Offer accepted on house in Idaho.
  • Swelling starts.
  • Travel for my sister's wedding in Michigan.
  • Close on house.
  • Begin moving in.
  • Swelling gets really bad.
  • Put on modified bedrest.
  • Mother in law comes to help paint.
  • My 28th birthday.
  • Borderline results for glucose tolerance test.
  • Baby measuring way ahead.
  • Officially moved into new house.
  • Still on Zofran for hyperemesis.
  • Swelling continues to be a concern.
  • Baby still measuring big.
  • Baby breech.
  • 21st -- Nephew born.
  • 23rd -- Baby shower in Detroit.
  • Potato Harvest.
  • Officially an Idaho resident (got Driver's License).
  • Still on Zofran for hyperemesis.
  • Swelling still a concern.
  • Baby still big.
  • Baby still breech.
  • 16th -- Blood pressure skyrockets.
  • Nursery finished.
  • Diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH).
  • C's 30th Birthday.
  • Halloween
  • 1st -- External version successful, baby no longer breech.
  • 10th -- Water breaks.
  • 11th -- K born via c-section.
  • 14th -- Home from hospital.
  • 16th -- Grandma comes to visit for 10 days.
  • 23rd -- Thanksgiving.
  • 23rd -- In laws come to visit for 10 days.
  • My sister comes to visit.
  • Preparations for the holiday.
  • Christmas.
  • My boss resigns.
  • No idea what will happen with my job.

Wow...quite a busy year. What did you do in 2006?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget....your nephew was born in September (21st) also!

Kristen said...

Ok, I think it is now time to breath after all that. :>)

Ashley said...

just think how great this year will be!! ;)