December 13, 2006

Shoes, Shoes, My Wonderful Shoes

This is probably going to seem like a trivial post but it's something that has been a real joy in my life the past week or so. I know that some of you will understand completely.

Obviously, I had some horrible, horrible swelling when I was pregnant with KT. One of the most frustrating aspects of the swelling was finding shoes that fit my growing feet. Many of you probably remember me struggling to find shoes for my sister's wedding. It had gotten to the point at the end of my pregnancy where the only shoes that fit were either size 10 wides (I normally wear an 8) or this one pair of black flip-flops that I had stretched the heck out of.

I was so afraid that my feet wouldn't totally go back to normal size after having the baby. I've talked to many women who end up needing shoes a 1/2 or full size larger after giving birth. By no means do I have a phenomenal shoe collection, but what I have has taken me a couple of years to put together. After my last job, where I had to dress up--business casual--I finally got to the point where I had most of the basics down. You know, a variety of styles in enough colors/shades to compliment just about any outfit choice. Including a couple of pairs that I absolutely loved. I've fretted since mid-summer that I'd have to start building my shoe collection all over again.

Good news though!

Although a couple of pairs are slightly more snug than before, so far I can get my feet back into all of my favorites! Yay! C was laughing at me the other day as I ran around the house, clad in pj's, with one of my favorite pairs of heels on. I'm sure that it was a sight to see. So now I yearn for a reason to put my favorite dress pants on (which are slightly too big right now, as opposed to a touch too tight) just so that I can wear my wonderful shoes.

I am silly, I know. But it really is the small things in life that can make you smile.


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day!! I'm not even a shoe-aholic, but I get how great it is to not have to start over. I know some people who would love the excuse to go shoe shopping, but I really like the ones I've stuck with and I get how awesome it is that they still fit.

And how cool that your pants are a little bit too BIG!!! Lucky dog!

KrisAndRod said...

How funny. So glad they fit again! I remember seeing your poor feet in those black sandals... I'm sure you're glad to say goodbye to the sausage feet! I wasn't nearly as excited to fit into my old shoes (other than tennies). It seems since I spend a majority of my day around the house with just socks or slippers on, my feet are not too fond of being stuck in shoes for long before they start complaining. :D