May 5, 2007

No Way, Jose!

Today we had planned as a family to do the March of Dimes Walk in honor of Katie's friends, Victoria and Avery. I woke up an hour ago to hear the wind howling and see the snow blowing.



The first weekend of May! Sorry guys, but this baby girl isn't gonna be walking today. We'll still send C in to submit our money. I think though we'll have to find another way to have fun on Cinco de Mayo!


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

I'd say have a margarita, but one I know you're BFing, and two - I can't imagine even thinking about a cold beverage when it's SNOWING!!! Thanks for the thought - we know you were with us in spirit when we walked last weekend. Hope the snow went away quickly.

Ash said...

And I thought MI had weird weather ;)