May 2, 2007

The Tables are Turning

(Nah -- she's still not napping well. Almost got ya, didn't I?? *wink*)

Over the last 8 years that C and I have been together, we've slowly been purchasing "good" furniture. Not the kind you'd find in a dorm room or college apartment but real, expensive furniture. It's been piece by piece and has slowly come together. Moving into the house last fall pushed us into purchasing the furniture for the office and buying a new dresser for the master bedroom.

The only major item we had left to buy was a new kitchen/dining room table. We don't have a separate dining room so we just have one table. No need to have anything fancy. The table we had was quite a piece of work. We had bought it at a garage sale back in the summer of 1999 when we were living in Wisconsin. The couple we bought it from were older and were selling their house and moving to an apartment. They'd had the table for years, so there is no telling exactly how old it is. It's in pretty sad shape too. The dogs (while in their destructive puppy years) chewed on the legs of the table and the chairs. So everything has teeth indentations and scratches. Of the four original chairs, only 2 are still "alive". The table top also has those white marks on the wood -- the kind that develop from having something too hot placed on it. Years ago when I was canning one fall I put my hot canning jars on the table to cool. I had 3 layers of heavy bath towels on top of the table but it still left nice white rings from the jars. At one point I had discussed refinishing the set so that it looked nicer but quickly decided it wasn't worth it for a table we bought before we were married for $50.

With our tax return this year, I made the executive decision that we would finally buy a new table. This would complete our furniture collection (with the exemption of a couple of end tables and night stands that are needed) and bring everything in our house up to date. And up to our taste. After being on order for four weeks, this is what we now have in our kitchen!

At some point too, we can finally host family dinners as it extends out to 96". All we're missing now is enough family to fill all that space!


Kristen said...

I love the table, so beautiful. We have done the same thing replacing furniture piece by piece and a table is next on our list.

Jessica said...

How pretty! We'll be there whenever you decide you want to have that dinner!

Can't wait to see little miss KT sitting in one of those chairs someday!

Nickie said...

very nice set!! Be sure to be vigilant about protecting the top of it from KT. We got a stainless steel topped table to not have to worry about it, but the dining table is wood and I accidentally scratched it a few months ago - I'm crushed! But at least I did it myself so I don't have anyone else to blame.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Congrats! It's beautiful, and the wood goes great in the room.
We did the same thing - when we finally had the cash saved to get a table, we got a great, Amish-made one that we hope will be kept for many generations to come. It'd better, for what we paid!! OT: love, love, love the red walls!

Trista said...

oooh, I'm jealous of your table. We so want a new table and one that has leaves to extend it. It's beautiful!