May 3, 2007

Reversed Gender Roles

I'm sure that last night solidified the fact that most of our neighbors think we're nuts. (I'm sure they also think we're irreverent heathens, but that's besides the point.) Why do they think we're nuts? Because after C got out of work last night, I was outside mowing the lawn while he was "parenting" the baby. Most people would think this was backwards. That I should be inside tending kids while the man of the house is outside doing manual labor. Not how it works around here.

And no. I didn't lose a bet. I asked to mow the lawn. He gladly conceded the responsibility (C hates to do the mowing/trimming). Part of my desire to mow lawn stemmed from the fact that I didn't mow at ALL last summer because of the pregnancy, hyperemesis and modified bedrest.

I've always really enjoyed doing yard work -- even if I didn't show it as a kid growing up. Must have to do with that whole "being one with nature". I think it also has to do with being able to see tangible results of your hard work. When you start, the yard is a mess; when you finish, the yard looks pretty.

Both of my parents have big yards. The kind where it takes a good chunk of the afternoon and you have to use the riding mower, the push mower and the trimmer to get it all done. I always found that time so relaxing. I loved being by myself with my own thoughts. Being able to sing at the top of your lungs and no one could hear you over the engine of the mower/trimmer. Seeing the results of your hard work when you were done. Last night I just really needed some time by myself with my own thoughts. I also needed to see immediate results of my efforts.

I feel like lately I'm spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. I also have a ton of things bouncing around in my head that need to be sorted out. I'm not sure if I got anything sorted out, but after two hours the yard looked fantastic and I was too tired to care.


Jessica said...

I agree that sometimes you just need time to yourself. There's something about a nicely mowed lawn that just makes you feel better.

I like mowing the lawn too (except the trimming is M's job!). I'll be glad to be able to get out this summer and do it. Last summer was kinda hard with a big belly full of baby!

I'm here if you feel like talking.

Love you all.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Coming from someone else with a large yard, it's sometimes frustrating that you can spend all afternoon picking up branches, sticks, etc and still look around and find more to do!

Speaking as someone who has neighbors: Just because you can't hear yourself sing doesn't mean others can't!!! ;)

Hopefully you found some peace and maybe a little clarity.