April 5, 2008

Fashion Apathy

When I had a "normal" 8-5 job that required me to dress nicely, I loved shopping for my work wardrobe. I was confined to pants and closed-toed shoes (I worked in a lab) but managed to make it fun. Dress pants were usually somewhat "classic" trousers -- GAP were my standby -- but I dressed them up with fun blouses, fantastic accessories and delicious shoes. Well, as delicious as one could be with closed-toes. I would wear heels in the lab and love it, even though I'm sure it was some sort of a safety hazard.

Since I now work at home, my interest in fashion has waned considerably. It's almost non-existent. My work wardrobe typically consists of workout pants, t-shirts and hoodies. Pretty apathetic, isn't it? A dress up day is usually jeans and a t-shirt. I know that I've fallen into that ever so popular mindset that allows comfort to overrule fashion. If my daily outings most often consist of me going to the gym, why should I spend gads of money on fashion forward clothes for every day wear?

Don't get me wrong. I do have "dressier" clothes for when I go out. That includes a couple of nice pairs of jeans, some blouses, button down shirts and sweaters for cooler weather. Certainly not anything that's going to land me national attention for my fantastic wardrobe though.

When I buy pieces, I try to combine fun and functional. I'm not going to go overboard and spend thousands of dollars on shoes to liven up my stale closet, but I do try to buy ones that will add some interest. I need something that I can wear to grocery shop, to chase a little one around in at the park and yet be able to wear out to dinner if need be.

I've had my eye on these two pairs lately. I can't justify buying both (they wouldn't get enough use to make it worthwhile) and can't decide which pair to go with. Obviously, some people will immediately be turned off by the style. But I love them. They're super comfortable and easily fit my wide feet.

So which do you like better?


Or red?


pam said...

definitely green. I know what you mean about a ward robe difference. I have piano lessons to dress up for still, but that usually means no jeans (khakis or black pants) and bare feet. The rest of the day is jeans and a T-Shirt.

Kristen said...

Red, Red, Red!!! I have always loved red shoes and must have at least one pair in my "shoe wardrobe" at all times. Nothing spices up an outfit like red shoes. Right now my red crocs are my favorite shoes.

Ash said...

red, definitely makes a fashion statement!!

KarenMM said...

While I like the red color better than the green, I think green would "go" with more things. So, I'm going to vote green.

I so know what you mean about wardrobes. Back when I had to wear "business casual" clothing to work, I dressed a lot better. Now I'm just in a "casual" environment and wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers everyday to work.