April 1, 2008

The Toddler Equivalent of Holding Your Hair

It's been a rough morning around here. A combination of a monster migraine and a gallbladder attack found me spending the better part of 2 hours throwing up.

When I could, I left KT in the (fairly) safe haven of the living room. It's nearly impossible to keep her out of mischief in either the master bath or bedroom while I'm otherwise occupied. I just jump the babygate, tend to matters and return as quickly as I can.

One time this morning it was unavoidable. I'd had her in our room to change her, sat her down on the floor and made a beeline to the bathroom. As I'm crouched over heaving, I hear the distinctive sound of her hands slapping the floor as she crawled towards me. She pulled herself up on my leg and stood next to me with a concerned (and confused) look on her face.

"Ma-ma? Ma-ma?" She asked.

"Ma-ma sick." I replied between heaves.

Her confused look dissolved into one of full concern and she patted me on the shoulder. "Ma-ma sih."

And at that point, Mama's heart melted and I found relief in such a simple gesture.


Jessica said...

Omg..how sweet! My eyes seriously welled up with that! It's so sweet to see their little personalities coming out, especially at times like those.

I hope after next week, you'll be feeling so much better. ((hugs))

~*~DawnSC~*~ said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Kudos to KT for watching out after her mama!

DD said...

Even I went....aaawwwww....and it takes a lot to get me mushy.

Ash said...

how adorable! see you are a great Mom~

Kristen said...

What a sweet little girl she is. It is amazing how the crazy kiddies can be the sweetest when they need to be. ;>)

Sorry you had such a rough day. Wish I could have been there to take KT or hold your hair back. I pray that after next Wednesday you will start feeling worlds better!

KarenMM said...

I've had those gallbladder attacks before and they are not fun! But what KT did was adorable and my heart melted just thinking about it!

What a great little girl you have!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart!
Wish I was there to help you with KT while you're not feeling good.
After next week you'll be as good as new!
Love you,

Andrea said...

That's so incredibly cute! What a sweetie.