April 30, 2009

A Heavy Heart

A very close friend of the family had a stroke last night. I'm not sure of the prognosis but from what I've heard, I think the end is close.

When I was born she made my mom and dad a baby quilt to honor my arrival. In 2006, she made one for C and I to honor KT's arrival. Both pieces are cherished items in my household.

Tonight I made sure to pull it out and tuck the little one in, extra tight with it.

The quilts on the bottom left are the ones she made -- the bottom one is mine, the middle one with the flowers/frogs is KT's.

My thoughts and prayers are with her immediate family right now. May God watch over them all.


Kristen said...

I;m so sorry. (HUGS)

DD said...

Oh, no. I'll be thinking of you and your friend until you can update.