February 20, 2010

Sneak Peek

The sun has shone through the clouds for all of about 10 minutes since we pulled into town on Thursday.  Temps are about twenty degrees below normal; the weather continuously changes from rain to snow and back to rain.  Hikes have been postpones; hikes have been attempted in the wet weather.  KT has fallen off the beds in the hotel room numerous times and yet still jumps around like a monkey.

My anniversary consisted of eating breakfast at my favorite diner in Moab, watching big fat snowflakes fall.  The hike C had planned was postponed due to weather.  Instead we drove through Arches National Park, viewing a side of the Park we'd never seen.  The clouds hung low and thick, obscuring the panoramic views and clouding the beautiful red sandstone.  The rain and snow drove us back into town for an afternoon nap and roses waiting at the hotel.  Post-nap we ventured out to drive along Kane Creek and laughed about the first mountain biking attempt we'd tried there many years ago.  Once again the rain and snow drove us back into town.  Dinner consisted of our favorite microbrews, fabulous onion rings, amazing chocolate cake and a once in a lifetime feat that we'll talk about forever (I dropped a butter knife into C's pint glass, busting the bottom out of his beer).

Even though the weather made it nearly impossible to get out and "adventure", it was a great day.  I spent it with the people I love in a place that I love, laughing about memories past and making ones for the future.

Very little has gone to plan and it's been a blast.


Kristen said...

Life IS what happens when you make plans. :D Enjoy every minute, rain, snow or shine.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

As always, I could sit and read your writing all day - whether it's a published article about agriculture or something more like this. Just one of the many things I love about you. :) Bummer you're not able to get all the hiking in you'd hoped for, but glad you're making what sounds like some damn good lemonade!

Flying Monkeys said...

I'm glad you've been able to go with the flow and not the let weather and plan changes get you down.
: )