February 23, 2010

Sunshine Surprise!

Holy cow, my husband is awesome!

Friday morning we woke up to clouds and grey skies in Moab.  I knew he had something planned for our anniversary but he completely played it off as though it was no big deal that the weather was postponing it.  As the weekend went on and the clouds lingered his mood began to match the gloom in the skies.  He pouted, he sulked.  I tried to stay upbeat and optimistic about our weekend.  Trying to make the most of our time even if it wasn't ideal.

Yesterday he seemed to be in a better mood as we woke to sun.  Still slightly edgy, but more easy going than the previous days.

On the drive out of town, he handed me a envelope with a card in it.  The front had two penguins (non flying birds for those that didn't get the subtlety that I missed as well) holding hands -- it read "You've always made me feel like I could fly.  Now it's time to give you that feeling..."  As I read the card, slightly confused, he turned off of the highway into Canyonlands Field.

My anniversary surprise was a scenic flight over Canyonlands National Park, through Redtail Aviation!  Although my stomach didn't fare as well as I'd hoped during the 1-hour flight (but I didn't puke, thank you very much) it was a fantastic adventure.  It was so amazing to see Canyonlands from the air.  The snow on the sandstone formations was beautiful -- there was so much to see that I felt like I could barely take it all in.  

Definitely a good surprise on his part and I'm thankful that the skies cleared yesterday when they did.







(KT did fairly well.  No freak outs, but she chose to lay with her head in C's lap for most of the flight.  Periodically she'd peak out the window, make a comment and lay back down.  I think it was all a little intimidating for her.  I give her a ton of credit for doing as well as she did.  And thankfully, they didn't charge us for her.)


Flying Monkeys said...

I'm glad the weather cleared so you could go. The photos are beautiful!

That was very smooth of him. ;) Well played, well played.

Jen Gray said...

Awesome! Very cool present. : )

Happy Anniversary!

Lost in Space said...

Great, great gift!

Kristen said...

Man, he's good!

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

So.... are you over being upset that the bonus wasn't just play money? ;)

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Argh. wasn't done. What an awesome gift. I'm not sure how my stomach would fare, either. I'd have been a little upset if they wanted to charge for a 3-year old.

peter said...

Wow, what an awesome anniversary gift. I've been a little out of it the last couple of months (if you are wondering, yeah, morning sickness had something to do with it.) but I'm thrilled to see that you are feeling so well and sounding so much like the person I love so well. You really do deserve the best.