February 22, 2010

What is that I See?

As I cracked my eyes open this morning I could sense something was different.  Something was lighter, more cheerful.  A renewal of sorts.

Perhaps a good night's sleep had refreshed my body.  A roll to the left confirmed that indeed was NOT the renewal I was sensing.  Hauling KT in the backpack carrier for a handful of miles the last couple of days had taken a toll on my body -- sore hips, a huge knot between my shoulder blades.  

Maybe I was sensing a clean, inviting hotel room.  A look at piles of dirty, somewhat smelly hiking clothes confirmed that was NOT the renewal I was sensing as well.  KT's socks have taken on a color of grunge from the hotel carpet that I might not ever get out.  That definitely wasn't cheerful either.

Then!  A moment of inspiration!  I jumped out of bed and gingerly made my way to the heavily curtained window.  Yes!  There it was -- the source of the renewal and cheerfulness.


On the morning of our departure the glorious sun has finally made an appearance.  I'm reminded of how beautiful this place is, and how much we enjoy being here.  It's sad that we have to leave today but we're inspired to be back in Moab before another 2 years has passed.


JWZ1978 said...

Ah, the sun! How wonderful! I love the picture by the way, although I thought that the tree was your hair at first :)

Flying Monkeys said...

The tree does give you some great baby eagle feathers.
Glad the sun came, if even just to wave good bye.