March 2, 2006

Gotta be Somethin' More

My mom asked me yesterday if I had thought much about what the doctor(s) told me about trying 4-6 months unmedicated. Truth be told, I have. And I haven't. Sometimes I feel like I'm sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich and ignoring what's been said. If I don't think about it I don't have to deal with it. At the same time I think that unconsciously I've realized that maybe what they said has some merit. I'll give it a go for a while and see what happens. Then if by summertime I'm still "without child" then I'll make an appointment and be the pushy, demanding person who my family knows that I really am.

This could all change very quickly if this first cycle turns out to be a bust. It's always easy to say things right now when you're at that "not knowing" stage. Am I pregnant? Did it work the first cycle?

In the meantime I'm trying to focus on some other aspects in my life. Looking back at all of my previous posts I get the sense that trying to get pregnant has taken over my life. Maybe it's time to work on some other aspects. C and I spent a ton of money on a trainer at the gym--maybe this would be a great time to finally lose all this extra weight. Spring is just around the corner--maybe this will be the year that we finally landscape the backyard.

And one good thing I thought of earlier today...the longer it takes me to get pregnant the less huge I'll be in my sister's wedding pictures in August! Plus there won't be any need to be concerned about flying to Michigan for the wedding. So maybe there is something good in all of this, today.


KrisAndRod said...

Hiring a trainer and losing weight might just be what it takes to get pregnant, and put the weight back on, and then some!!! If that's the case, I'm sure you won't complain.

Anonymous said...

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