March 30, 2006

For today's effort, I deserve some ice cream

I casually glanced over the daily shot of progesterone I'm being given when I announced to you that I am pregnant. Partially because I was still in denial myself. Partially because I was hoping that maybe my doctor would call one day and say, "hey, why don't you just quit taking the progesterone".

Obviously the doctor's office hasn't called renouncing us of our daily, after-work ritual.

I give C a ton of credit though. He's horribly afraid of needles and has done an amazing job so far. Minus the one incident last week where we both ended up in tears (he jabbed, I cried, he pulled the needle out, I cried again and then got really mad because I had to be jabbed again). The process has become less intimidating over the past two weeks but it's still rather painful. We alternate "sides" every day but the 48 hour interval doesn't give the muscle much time to heal between injections. But deep down I'd much rather be on the receiving end than the giving end.

Today, unfortunately, I got the short end of the stick. Both of them.

C found out yesterday afternoon that he had to travel today for work. Meaning that either I had to find someone to pinch-hit for him today or I'd be wielding that 22 gauge needle myself. Considering I have very few close friends out here and even fewer that I'm comfortable enough with to expose my butt cheeks to, all day long I dreaded coming home by myself. I knew what sat on the bathroom sink waiting for me.

I got everything prepped just the way C does it. Even turned the tv on in the bedroom for some background noise. I grabbed a hunk of flab on the outside of my upper thigh and broke out in a cold sweat. I couldn't bring myself to "jab" the needle the way the nurse taught us so I placed it against the hunk of flab and "pushed" it through the surface. It hurt no worse than plucking a stray eyebrow. I then managed to push the needle all the way in and slowly (like molasses in January slowly) oozed the gunk into my leg.

For that, I deserve some ice cream!

Still don't know if I could do this by myself every day, but at least I know that if I get in a tight spot, I have a back up plan.


Sami said...

*clap**clap* *clap* - I'm very proud of you... if you were here I'd do it for you, but I knew you could get through this. A back up plan is always a good thing to have... ya never know when you'll need one.

s.i.l. MI said...

I definitely know I couldn't do it by myself! You have more guts than I do!

KrisAndRod said...

For that, you deserve a whole TUB of ice cream! I thought you were going to see if the nurse at the doc's office could pinch hit for ya?