September 9, 2006

Almost Forgotten

I'm not sure exactly what caused it, but something jogged my memory this morning. It reminded me that I had never posted any pictures from my sister's wedding a month ago. Oops. So I figured that I had better get that done before I totally forgot. Problem is, C went to Utah for the weekend to go elk hunting (no flames, please) and I think he took the digital camera with him. And most of the pictures that we took are still on the memory card. Second oops.

But I'll post what I have saved on my computer.

The new "family". My sister's husband has a son from a previous marriage.

My fam-damily. L to R -- My youngest sister, my Dad, bride (middle sister) and groom, my mom and then myself (oldest sister).

Baby sister, pregnant me and my Dad.

Mom and Mom-To-Be.

Baby sis and I.

C and I. (Which I'm surprised we remembered to take a picture of us together. We just about always forget to do that when we're dressed up somewhere.)


Kristen said...

You look positively radiant!

Lorem ipsum said...

You're so pretty! (And nice-looking family, too.)

KrisAndRod said...

You and C matched pretty well... good job on that one!!! ;)

I really like the pic of you w/your mom-great shot. And you all look wonderful... tho I'll always think your two little sis's are way too skinny!!!

Did C get anything???