September 13, 2006

Smarter than the Average Bear

Even though I'm constantly saying to C, "they're just dogs", at times they really do catch me off-guard with their intelligence.

A few minutes ago I was sitting here at the computer just after I had let both dogs in from the backyard. Logan (the younger of the two) comes up to me and starts annoying me, looking for attention. He has this habit that when you're sitting down, and he wants attention, he raises himself up so his fronts paws are on your thighs and his back legs are on the floor. Kinda like he's trying to climb into your lap but not quite. Then he starts to lick your face, your hands, the keyboard...anything he can get his tongue close to.

To oblige him, I usually scratch him behind the ears for a minute and give him a big hug. Then not so gently push him away and tell him to "go play". Just after I started scratching just now, Dakota (the older dog) grabs the empty Gatorade bottle that Logan has been chewing on since Monday night. He does this thing where he taunts Logan with it, chomping down on it while it's in his mouth to make as much noise as possible. Telling Logan that he has his toy. As soon as Logan hears that Dakota has the bottle, he immediately wants nothing to do with me anymore and goes tearing across the room to get the bottle.

Not surprisingly, at the exact moment that Logan is halfway between me and the bottle, Dakota drops it and sprints over to me. So that he can get his turn to have his ears scratched.



I think my dogs are way smarter than I give them credit for.


JessandMatt said...

It's amazing how smart dogs seem to be. Especially to know how to taunt the other one, just to get him away from you so he can get the attention. Too funny!