September 18, 2006

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Even though the doctor doesn't "understand why [I'd] want to go to Detroit this weekend, [he doesn't] see any reason why [I] can't go".

Hell. Yeah.

Obviously my appointment went fairly well this morning. My weight has come down 4 pounds since my appointment 3 weeks ago and the doctor noted that the swelling has "significantly improved", although still occuring. My blood pressure was good considering the doctor was running 45 minutes late. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong and the baby is measuring on track now--between 31 and 32 weeks. So no ultrasound today, but that's okay. C didn't go with me to the appointment and I feel bad getting to see the baby without him.

For those that don't know the significance of the "all-clear" on the travel--my baby shower is at my sister's house in Detroit on Saturday. We've had it planned now for almost two months and I've had airline tickets booked almost as long. I was devastated at my last appointment when I was told that it was "unlikely" that I'd be able to travel for it.

So...come 8:00am on Thursday morning, Delta flight #3760 will have me securely buckled into one of its seats, beginning my journey...

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...(come on Bean, I know you know the words...)


Bean said...

"Don't know when I'll be back again..."

See you on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!


JessandMatt said...

I so wanted to be able to come to the shower....unfortunately, it looks like you-know-who isn't cooperating with us this week.....Hope you have a fun time. We'll definitely be thinking about you. Hopefully our little one will come this week so you'll be able to see him...keep your fingers crossed.

Sami said...

Woohoo - can't wait to see you... neither can my mom... Won't it be fun with Mary Lou there :D

cranes said...

Good for you! I hope you had a wonderful time...since I'm writing this one after you've left. I just found the comment you left on our blogspot in March (I know, how lame am I?) And can I add that I wish that I looked as good as you when I was pregnant? You look great!