June 25, 2007

Big Bad Dog

Our two dogs couldn't have more different personalities.

Dakota is lethargic; Logan annoys the hell out of you until you play.
Dakota spends the day laying on our bed; Logan is within 3 feet of me.
Dakota is tall and lanky; Logan is short and "solid".
Dakota ignores KT; Logan loves to give her kisses.
Dakota puts up with KT pulling fur; Logan moves when KT reaches.
Dakota is quiet; Logan is loud.
Dakota runs when not leashed; Logan stays within shouting distance.
Dakota ignores commands; Logan returns when called.
Dakota is a wuss; Logan has been nicknamed "B.A." for Bad Ass.

Dakota's wussiness was in full force this morning. C sprayed ant killer in the backyard last night in an attempt to overthrow the ant colonies that were threatening to take over. The grass was still wet this morning so the dogs needed to be walked out on the front lawn. Walking both of them, on leashes, at the same time is not an option. Logan went out first with C and did his "business". C then switched them out and took Dakota for a stroll. As they exited the garage door, C saw a bohemuth of a Doberman running loose in our cul-de-sac. C grabbed the push broom from the garage to use as a weapon. (You can start laughing here. Heaven knows when the story was retold to me, I already was.) The Dobie kept coming increasingly closer to C and Dakota on his laps around the cul-de-sac. Each time he did, C yelled at him and waved the broom. (Laughing even harder now.) Dakota ever so stoically stood BEHIND C's legs and peaked out around them to watch the Dobie. Logan would have been charging at this dog, barking his fool head off. Dakota just cowered behind C and let C fend off this monster dog. C turned around to make mention about how great of a guard dog Dakota was. When he did, he realized that Dakota had raised his leg and peed on the SIDE OF THE HOUSE!! (Laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes at this point.)

Big Bad Dog hides behind C for protection, but makes damn sure he marks his territory. I'm sure if any of the neighbors were watching out their front window(s) they just about put their morning coffee (or juice for our Mormon neighbors) through their nose. What a pair, those two.


Jessica said...

LMAO! I can just see this happening....

I'm literally laughing so hard right now reading this, even though you had told me about this earlier....

Tell C, good call using the push broom...what's next? The mop?

Nickie said...

that's an awesome story!!

We have a mini dachshund who thinks he's a Big Bad Dog. Several years ago, I was in a pet supply store with him on the leash. I was reading the packaging on a toy to see if I thought he'd like it and I suddenly hear all hell break loose behind me. I turn to see what the commotion is about and my little weiner of a dog is barking his head off at another dog - a HUGE Doberman! I pulled my weiner back to me and smiled and the confused Doberman owner and just said, "Sorry, he thinks he's one of those." She just laughed.

Marz said...

lol!!! that's funny!
Before Chewy died I could compare them the same way you did, except for the woosies. Leia is a barker & an aggressor. Chewy wasn't however, he was 105lb boxer that would put his life in front of mine any day, he stood firm, god I miss that dog.

Too bad you didn't actually have a video camera going, however, I'm sure C's heart was pounding so hard when it was all happening he wouldn't be too thrilled if it was all on video, lol

StateShift said...

Hi Mandy,

Sounds like a fine guard dog. LOL. Poor thing. Hi, and thanks for dropping in on my much-neglected blog. Congrats on the new baby. I'm glad you were able to have her, and it sounds like you are both doing well now.

Chocolate Martini

MarciNYC said...

Thanks for the laugh...

I've got an 18 lb pom mix with three teeth who thinks she's a rottweiler. She's my 'protector' while her 'brother' (who's twice her size) is friends to everyone.

P.S. That's Suki (the pom) in my avatar. Scary, ain't she?