June 18, 2007


Hi there! I'm back! *waves hello*

KT and I had a fantastic time last week with my mom here. Thankfully, KT was FANTASTIC for grandma. We'd been dealing with some separation anxiety "issues" and I was terrified she'd scream every time my mom tried to hold her. But she didn't. At times I think she was actually better behaved for my mom than she is for me.

Big news around here is that KT's first tooth is breaking through!!


You can barely see it (and she clamps her mouth shut when you try to look) but when I can get my finger in her mouth I can feel the sharp edge of the corner poking through. I've been dosing her up with Ty!enol to help ease the discomfort. Hopefully it will be through entirely through the surface within the next couple of days.

I've got a bunch of posts that I want to write and stuff to update about. I'd love to get to it today but I have a ton of things on my "To Do" list that need to be crossed off as soon as possible. So...I'll make an effort to get to them within the week. If I don't hold true to that statement, bug me until I get on the ball!


Nickie said...

congrats on the tooth! I hope she learns to cope with them better very soon b/c the molars are a PITA! You've got time for that though. Good luck with your To Do list.

Kristen said...

I am so happy that the tooth is FINALLY coming in. Hopefully that will mean more peace for Mommy!