June 20, 2007

They're Here!

Many of you know that I've been on baby watch over at Expecting a Baby Someday...Here's the scoop -- I don't have much, for some reason my cell didn't ring, so I just got a voicemail from Bryan.

The girls are here! Not sure what time, officially.

Gracie weighs 5lbs 14oz;
Abby weighs 4lbs 14oz.

Both girls are in the NICU right now because of their sugar levels.

Kristen is doing well, all things considered.

Will update when I get more info.


Just as I finished typing that, my cell phone rang and it was Kristen herself! So here's more info...

Abby: Born at 9:31am, weighing 4lb 14oz and about 17" long.
Gracie: Born at 9:32am, weighing 5lb 14oz and about 19" long.

Both girls are breathing well on their own and didn't need any oxygen at birth. Their sugar levels are a little high, hence the stay in the NICU. When they were doing the section, they think that Kristen had some cysts rupture so there was more bleeding than they wanted. They ended up calling in the perinatologist as a precaution, but everything is okay now. Kristen has been up once to see the girls but was unable to hold them because she couldn't sit up due to the incision. The nurses told her that she'll be allowed to go back up in the morning and should be able to hold them then. She's a little bummed about that but looks forward to seeing them tomorrow morning. Hopefully the girls will only be in the NICU for 24-48 hours. The nurses are optimistic that they'll be in Kristen's room with her by tomorrow night.

There isn't any internet access at the hospital but Bry is supposed to send me some pics from his camera phone. As soon as I get something, I'll make sure to post them!



Nicole said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, Mandy. I'm just ok with where we are now regarding kids, and I'm happy to just leave that aside for now. Time to move on, ya know? On the other hand, my friend and I are building a style consulting business, and teaching the people of Utah how to dress. We're still building our site, but I'd love to see you around - slcstyle.wordpress.com

Marz said...

Awww.. awesome news!!!
They're good size for being early & twins. Hope Kristen gets to hold them soon. I better hop over there & congratulate them!