June 22, 2007

Calgon, Take Me Away

These are the days that I wish I had family closer...the days where I wish that I had a daycare where I could drop KT off at for the afternoon...the days where I'd like to just shut the door behind me and take a break from being a mom, a wife, a pet-owner and an employee.

Work has not let up at all since my "AHHHHHHH!!" post the other day. I still can't get phone calls or emails responded to. I've been leaving voicemail after voicemail for people (The Boss Who Jumped Ship being one of the main targets) to no avail. But when he goes to Oregon next week and details are ambiguous, it will be me who gets the phone calls to deal with them under frantic circumstances.

KT's 2nd tooth is about to break through the surface as well. The first finally grew into a nice white bump that is visible from a few feet away. That 2nd is lurking beneath the surface, grinding through the gums as it pushes its way towards the chasm that is KT's mouth. The combination of the two teeth has made KT even more difficult. She throws tantrums, screams for no reason and doesn't want to sleep. The only place she's content is on my lap. Which equates to her slapping the keyboard, sending emails when they're half composed, pulling on the power cord to the laptop and throwing the mouse on the floor. Add that to the work frustrations in general and my patience is stretched VERY thin.

Post morning-meltdown found me setting KT in her highchair with a couple of wooden spoons so that I could move some laundry around. I could hear the distinct puttering and grunting that now accompanies the filling of diapers (thanks to the addition of solid foods to her diet). I rushed through the laundry and grabbed her out of the highchair, not paying any attention until I felt something warm and squishy on my hands.


Her diaper blew out the leg. There was baby poo all over her leg, the ruffle skirt she had on, the highchair, my hand/arm, my t-shirt and my yoga pants. Gotta love that. So I stripped us both down; threw the dirty clothes in a heap on the bathroom floor; threw the dirty cloth diaper in the toilet to let it soak itself clean(er) for a few minutes; plopped KT in the bathtub and drew some bathwater. All along I'm trying to keep two nosey dogs out of everything poopy.

At this point, I'm frazzled, frustrated and verging on being pissed off. I get KT cleaned up and out of the tub. We're battling to get a clean diaper on her (she's learned she can roll over while on the changing table) when the phone rings, first my cell, then the landline. A glimmer of hope fills my mind that it could be The Boss Who Jumped Ship so I grab the phone next to our bed, struggling to keep KT's fingers from entangling in the phone cord.

It's C.

I should have said, "sorry, can't talk. Call me back in 15 minutes". But I didn't. Dumb, dumb, move on my part.

Last weekend (Thursday through Sunday), C took the boat and went fishing down on the Green River with one of our friends from Utah. It's was a quasi-Father's Day present. A weekend away from the stress of life; a time to relax and catch up with this friend. Because of his weekend away last weekend, I vetoed his Boss' request that C take the boat out tomorrow morning to fish. It's a handful for me to wrangle KT and the dogs by myself. I do it all day long during the week. The weekends, I feel, should be a break for me as well.

C proceeds to tell me that since he "can't" take Boss fishing tomorrow, that Boss has decided they'll go this afternoon. Skip out of work to go fishing. C, Boss and one other co-worker. Must be nice to just be able to up and walk away from work to go play for the afternoon.

When he said that, he casually said that he wouldn't be home any later than if he was at work this afternoon. Like that in itself would make it okay with me. I told him "whatever, I don't care anymore". There was no way he could miss the contempt in my voice. I'm sure that you could see the steam pouring out of my ears. My disposition had quickly been shoved from teetering on the edge to full on pissed off.

Is 11 o'clock on a Friday morning too early to start drinking??


Jessica said...

Omg...I'm going to strangle my brother...

I'm sorry everything is going to crap today. I wish I could be there to help you. If there's anything you need, or just want to talk, I'm still here.

Ash said...

Hugs from me. I know I don't understand what it is like, but I am here for you whenever you need to talk/vent (really whenever). Love you sis!

Nickie said...

Oh yeah, been there, done that. Those days when you just want 10 min of peace and quiet so you can reset your mood.

It's good that you blogged the details of the craziness with KT though b/c I promise you eventually you'll look back and laugh. It's a right of passage to get pooped on!

About C - time to lay it on the line for him. You're doing 2 FT jobs, he needs to be more careful about sharing his 'fun' times with you and make sure first that you're in a place to hear it. My Hubby goes on business trips and calls me either while he's out partying with co-workers or after a night of partying and if it's been a bad day with the boy it's just NOT good to hear about him out drinking and being a non-parent. They just don't 'get' it until they are forced to.

Marz said...

Awwww.... you poor thing. I would've done the exact same thing as you, lol.
you have to tell him you need an afternoon to yourself, you have to. Men aren't smart, they need to be told EVERYTHING!

MarciNYC said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my lillies. :)

Sorry you had a crap day - I've had a few of those myself lately. Just remember - it's always 5 o'clock somewhere. Works for me when I think it's too early for a glass of wine. :)