February 21, 2006

No Left Turn

Just a block from work is a fairly busy intersection, busy at least by Provo standards. Center Street is the cross street and is the "inferior" of the two. Traffic on Center St. is not allowed to make left turns (from either direction) onto the cross street (Hwy 189 or State St.). You can only go straight or make a right turn. There are 3 huge signs, that are impossible to miss, that specifically say "NO LEFT TURN". I was coming home from work tonight via Center St. When the light went green a car up ahead of me ignored all signs and sat blocking traffic, waiting to turn left. Obviously this guy either was blind to the obvious or blatantly defiant.

As I cursed at him for causing me to miss the green light I sat and wondered if I was doing something very similar. Here I sit, trying my damndest to make a left turn. Am I missing the signs?? Am I totally oblivious that the best option for us really is to try unmedicated for 6 months?

Somebody please honk quickly and snap me back to reality...


KrisAndRod said...


Are you implying that the RE's might actually know what they're talking about?!? Maybe "try what you haven't tried yet" really refers to trying unmedicated for a few months, versus taking ttc to the extreme other end of the spectrum.

I wish there was some easy answer for you on this... or at least some indication that you're headed in the right (or wrong!) direction.

I wish you were closer so we could talk about this over a cup of coffee.

Kristen said...

Honk, honk. Just kidding.

I have always subscribed to the notion that if you have a feeling or a premonition of the symbolism of life, you have no choice but to listen. Maybe you do need to travel this path and just see where it leads you.

Brigitte said...

It must be the engineer in me, but I love all of the 90 degree angles in that map, lol.

Brigitte said...

LOL, went to Feb. 2006 instead of 2010!! whoops!