May 12, 2006

5 down, 5 to go

Isn't it funny how much your motivation decreases when you turn in your resignation at work? It's almost as if the two are directly correlated. I feel as though I turned in all enthusiasm for my job when I gave my two weeks notice. Now I just dread getting up and coming to work in the morning. All day long I watch the clock as the time slowly drags by, creeping closer and closer to quitting time.

I have survived the first week though. Half of my time is done, I only have the other half to finish. Fortunately too next week is filled with appointments (trying to squeak every last penny out of our insurance while we can), meetings and tying up nonsensical projects. I'm hoping it goes faster than this last 5 days have.

To bring everyone up to speed--the movers have confirmed that they will be at our house to pack on Thursday the 25th and load everything on Friday the 26th. This whole situation is beginning to feel more real as the days go by.


Sami said...

I am slightly jealous that someone else is packing you and moving you... D was my packer and mover. Unfortunately with D doing those things he took some items to goodwill that weren't meant to go.

Hope the last 5 days go by quickly and that all the appointments go smoothly.

KrisAndRod said...

I've always felt those two were directly correlated! You just turned in any personal stake in the outcome of anything to do w/the company... on to better things, and sunnier days!

Marz said...

Oooh, how exciting!! You quit your job & you're moving. No wonder the minutes are dragging, but you're right, once you give the 2 week notice you don't want to be there anymore.

Trista said...

hey, congratulations on the new job and the move. The new situation sounds so wonderful!

Also, belated congratulations on your picc line. I'm a bit worried that if I ever get pregnant (knock on wood) I'll have the same problems with extreme nausea.

Oh, and finally, congrats on hearing the heartbeat. That's such a wonderful, wonderful sound.