May 9, 2006

Relief and Resignation

Yesterday proved to be a record setter in the grand scheme of my life.

Just before lunch, both C and I turned in our resignations. We both work for the same company although have very, very different job functions. Up until about six weeks ago we worked for two entirely different divisions but a recent transformation has blurred those divisional boundaries. We're now "aligned" under the same "process" but fortunately our day to day responsibilities never cause the need for us to work together on a project. Without going into much detail, it was time for a change. I have a good job but it related very little to my education and I fear the longer I am here, the harder it will be to find something that pertains to my field. C on the other hand, has really gotten the short end of the proverbial stick with this transformation. A once scientifically focused job has now turned more business-based. He comes home many nights unhappy with the path his career is taking.

But that's all going to change!

We are both pursuing excellent opportunities out of state. Idaho to be general, Idaho Falls to be more specific. Not a huge move for us, but still 250-some miles to the North. Still a move--a new start and new opportunities. C is faced with the prospect of going into a company and being the pioneer in his position. They've never had someone before with his expertise and he's greatly excited to have some creative (and of course, scientific) liberties. For me, I'm faced with the opportunity of a lifetime. Working for an incredible professor/scientist--organizing, setting up and overseeing research, analyzing data, writing manuscripts and grants. It's pretty much a glorified graduate student but without the classes and with a regular paycheck. The best part however, is that I'll be able to work most of the time from home! No more worries about how we're going to cover daycare costs, how much time I can afford to take for maternity leave, etc.

Two days before I found out that I was pregnant C and I had come to the mutual decision that we would begin looking for jobs elsewhere. I had my sights on the Midwest. Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin. C wanted to stay West, primarily Idaho and/or Colorado. We agreed that we'd start looking, see where we could both find opportunities in the same area. Low and behold that all changed when that second pink line showed up on the pregnancy test(s) on Sunday morning. Fate had decided for us that we needed to stay here in Utah for a while longer. At least through this pregnancy. I didn't feel comfortable starting a new job knowing that I'd be taking leave in less than a year.

But it looks like fate decided once again where our next step needed to be and when we needed to take it. I've been waiting on this job for almost two years now. For one reason or another the prospect gets mentioned and then it disappears. Now it's here, it's tangible and it's real.

And I'm thrilled.

Shortly after lunch came the second incredible aspect of our day. I had my first official prenatal appointment and everything is measuring right on track. My doctor is really happy with my progress since the PICC-line went in. The best part though--C convinced the doctor to check for the baby's heartbeat with the doppler. We knew that it could be hit or miss. I'm at the point (12 weeks) that it could go either way. The doctor warned us that we might not hear anything and we were prepared for that. Not 3 seconds after the probe touched my abdomen we heard the most amazing sound. That heartbeat was music to my ears! All my worries (well, most of them) were instantly washed away. The doc said at this point, now that we've heard the heartbeat, our chances of anything happening drop to less than 1%! One percent!

I credit C for getting the doctor to check. I'm sure that if I would have asked he would have found a way to politely say no.

So it's official.

We're going to be parents!


We're moving to Idaho!


Kristen said...

1%, I couldn't be more thrilled!! I think that everything is going to go swimmingly with the move and the baby and both of your jobs. You both deserve all of these wonderful things. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

KrisAndRod said...

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!! Again, I couldn't be more excited for all the wonderful goings-on in your life right now. I can't wait till I can see you and we can celebrate our wonderful lives in person!!!

JessandMatt said...

Again....congratulations!! Glad you were able to hear the heartbeat at your appointment. Sounds like the new jobs will be a good change for you guys and your little "addition".

Lorem ipsum said...

Just wanted to say congratulations on all fronts! Never known anyone to get excited about Idaho, but then I don't think I've ever known anyone who's been there. It's a new frontier - and yes, an adventure! Enjoy the ride!