May 23, 2006

Turn the Page

And so begins another chapter in our lives.

Six years ago we took the plunge and decided to uproot ourselves from Wisconsin and make the trek to the Wild West. After the decision had been made, work contracts had been signed and the wheels began to turn I began to doubt our decision. I had personally never ever thought that I'd end up in Utah. Especially in the area where we decided to settle. It's an area that is greatly different than anything we had been exposed to, both culturally and physically. I was scared that we'd make the wrong choice and would be even more miserable here than at our previous locale. At first there were challenges to overcome, hurdles to jump. We plugged on day by day. Making the best of the situation and taking full advantage of the things at our fingertips. Little by little we made it work for us. Looking back I realize that making such a drastic move was probably one of the best decisions I'd ever made.

Here I am now, facing the same scenario. About to embark upon a new journey--terrified and excited about what lies ahead. We're tying up loose ends, beginning to pack our belongings and wishing farewell to our friends. I know that we might face a bumpy ride over the next little while but things will settle out soon enough.

Yet again, we'll find ourselves realizing how great of a decision this was. It's just always difficult to see that when you're in the midst of the chaos.


JessandMatt said...

Moving is always a scary thing to do...but you guys always make the best of it and seem to do well. You have many things to look forward to the rest of this year and beyond. Hopefully the chaos will settle down shortly after your move, and you can get settled into your new area. You'll be fine...just take each day at a time, and enjoy yourselves and your "adventures". We miss you and wish we could be there to help. Love you both.

KrisAndRod said...

This is going to be a great move for you two. You'll still be near nature, which I know you both love. Not too many mountains in Michigan... ;) Also, hopefully you'll have an easier time in Idaho making friends/finding people with whom you have a little something in common. We're wishing you the best. You'll survive and come out stronger, just like always! Love ya!

Sami said...

All I'm saying is one of these moves we better end up in the same state or darn close... because seriously we're supposed to sit on our porches as little old ladies and chit chat and get in trouble... So since the likelihood of D ever going for a move out of state since a move out of this house has been expressly forbiddened... that leaves you... oh great packer. Just a thought for the next move ;)

Hope the chaos gets a bit less and the move is a smoother one than the last.

Kristen said...

I can only imagine how much stress is on your shoulders right now. It just seems to me that everything that has occurred has been for a reason. You entered the 2nd trimester and got the line out just in time for the move. You were going to turn Cris' job down when you got the call. I think it is just meant to be.

Marz said...

Good luck with your move.
It's always hard to give up your old friends & surroundings. As a child I moved around quite a bit, it always sucked because I had to change schools and make new friends, of course as an adult it's even bigger deal.
Hope all goes well & the bumps get smoothed out ok.