May 26, 2006

Please stand by

(This was supposed to be posted at 3:30 but wasn't due to technical difficulties...)

The movers left about an hour ago. All of our stuff (well, most of our stuff) neatly packed and boxed into their semi trailer. It always seems so weird to walk back into an empty house.

Tonight we're off to visit with some friends at a quasi-farewell "thing". Tomorrow will be spent cleaning and trying to keep the dogs relatively calm. My hope is to be on the road by early evening tomorrow or Sunday morning at the latest.

This is my last post from Utah. My next will be from the confines of the company condo. Perhaps the change in scenery will bring with it a renewed sense of creativity and daily blog posts. Perhaps.

Over and out my wonderful friends. See ya in a few.

~ Mandy


KrisAndRod said...

Been thinking of ya the past few days... didn't want to call and interrupt the moving, though! Just wanted to make sure I say (in addition to everyone else, I'm sure) that you better not work too hard, lift stuff too heavy, tire yourself out! You got a little bean depending on you to take it easy!!! Love ya, good luck and happy house-hunting!