May 17, 2006

Chicks dig scars

This one won't go down in the record books for being gory or gruesome. But for us it's a huge milestone. Although barely the size of a pea, I know have a small circle just below my left elbow to mark where my PICC-line used to be!

I got the okay yesterday to have it yanked. C drove straight from the OB's office to the Infusion Clinic at the hospital. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Even offered to drop me off at the front door so I didn't have to wait to park the truck. I managed to check my impatience and rode diligently with him to the parking lot. Figured that after 4 weeks another 5 minutes certainly wasn't going to kill me.

Surprisingly enough, there was a whole lot less mess upon removal than there was upon insertion. I figured there would be blood splatters and all. Nope. The nurse showed me the catheter after she pulled it out and there wasn't any blood on it. No lying--none at all. She patched me up with a fairly small bandage, wished me luck on the rest of the pregnancy and told me to get out. That she hoped she never had to see me again. All in good nature of course.

It's amazing how much more human I feel. I could actually take a shower this morning and not worry about the amount of time I spent under the spray. More importantly, I felt comfortable walking down the street with C to go to lunch. I've learned that so many people must not have had the amazing mother like I did. The one who constantly told you not to stare. It seems as though everywhere I've gone for the past month has brought stares and whispers.

Now I'm sure I'll start to get them as my stomach begins to protrude out. Which is beginning to happen. Although I can report I have managed to maintain my pre-pregnancy weight throughout the first trimester! It baffles me that the scale shows my difference but my clothes obviously tell a different tale.


Marz said...

So glad to hear that the removal was better then expected & congratulations on being in your 2nd trimester already!!

KrisAndRod said...

I know it doesn't hurt, but isn't it the wierdest feeling when they pull that thing out??? Again, so glad you're done with that darn thing! I remember getting all sorts of stares when we would go through the grocery store, when I was in a wheelchair, too weak to walk. I felt like I could almost hear people thinking "she looks okay, I wonder what's wrong with her?"

Yay for the 2nd tri!!!

KrisAndRod said...

PS - you need to put a ticker on here so we can keep track of how far along you are!