September 19, 2008

Dangerously Delicious

It took 846 days of living in this town for me to find the LONE candy shop.

The shop that makes the most decadent chocolate truffles.

The shop that gives out copious amounts of free samples.

Not only was I allowed to taste numerous truffles (I stopped at 2 and allowed KT to easily eat half of each piece), the gentleman in the shop allowed my wide-eyed toddler to choose a candy stick of her liking.

Without any question, in the 10 minutes we were inside it quickly became a place that I will frequent when I need to either fulfill my chocolate craving, or purchase tasty treats for others.

Thankfully it is on the other side of town or I can imagine that it would wreak havoc with my wallet and my waistline.


Flying Monkeys said...

Hey! That fat monkeygirl likes chocolate. And no fair! They wouldn't give G a sample, the old lady said he was incapable of appreciating good chocolate. She was certainly capable of being a bitch.;)

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Mmmm... makes me want to go to Frankenmuth and hit up Zehnders!

Haven't seen an update on the WW adventure... how's it going? I know you had mentioned the other day that you're losing weight but I forgot to ask details. Tho I see your ticker says you're halfway to your goal. Is WW helping?

~*~DawnSC~*~ said...

Chocolate makes everything better!

Jen Gray said...

Thanks for sampling chocolate on my behalf! It was Deee-licious! : ) NO more for either of us for a while now, though, ok? ; )