September 24, 2008

Exercising My Rights

Regardless of whom I'm voting for, and what my stance on all of the propositions are...isn't it more important that I am voting at all? Isn't my mere desire to vote more important than the fact that I'm thinking about voting by absentee ballot because it truly is a struggle to take KT places on some days?

The last thing I want is for her to be having a bad day and I end up trying to drag a defiant, strong-willed toddler to the polling place where everyone looks at me like the evil-incarnate of Satan for letting her scream and distracting them.


But yet, I'm subtly criticized for opting to vote by absentee ballot. That's fantastic if you (generalizing, not pointing fingers at anyone specifically) have kids that are well behaved enough to take places and you can go fulfill your civic duty. I've had to walk out of the post office within minutes of getting in line due to tantrums and meltdowns because she's not allowed to run around freely.

I know there's a chance I can walk right in and barely wait at the polling place. But there's also a chance that she'll be screaming in the car before we even set foot on the asphalt of the parking lot. Or there's a chance that the lines will dictate me waiting with a ticking time bomb of a toddler. I do not want to risk not voting because of her unpredictability.

This state is swayed so far right, that it doesn't particularly matter if I vote or not (in terms of the presidential ballot). But I will because it's my right and I strongly believe in exercising that right.

I'll instill a sense of civic and community duty in my daughter when she's old enough to understand what's going on. And old enough to wait quietly with me in line. If that makes me a poor citizen then oh, well. I can live with that on my conscience.


Kristen said...

I say who the hell cares how you vote as long as you do it. Nay sayers can go pound sand. :>)I am a dedicated voter and stay active in my civic duties but who the heck cares if you walk in or mail it in... it still counts.

marci said...

Thanks for voting - however you can. You're doing it, which is the important thing. To heck with what anyone else thinks.

four little blessings said...

I have, multiple times, voted by absentee for the reason of "terrible 2's" (or close enough to 2....) Vote from home... she'll appreciate it much much more in a few years!