September 22, 2008

DIY Weekend

I'm the type of person who hates paying people to do something I could do myself. I'm sure this is a HUGE surprise to some of you. Sometimes, it is easier, and worth the money, to just pay to have it done (oil changes, as of late) but it still bugs me to see that transaction on the bank statement.

Sometimes though, I just can't justify the amount of money spent on things.

Our dogs grow fur like crazy. I honestly think that Logan must be part bear due to the amount of fur that sprouts from his skin. When I sweep my floors daily to keep the fur bunnies from attacking our feet as we eat meals at the table, I know the dogs need a haircut. To take both of them to the groomer costs us close to $80, not including a tip.
Alas! I have clippers. How hard can it be?



Dakota was boycotting getting his picture taken this morning. He's not a morning person.

Truth be told, it isn't as easy as one would think. Or as easy as I originally thought. I'm still glad I did it myself and will continue to do it in the future. Logan's fur is weird, the texture(s) that is. You can't just put a guard on the clippers and run it up along his back -- they bog down. So you have to comb through it, grabbing a chunk of fur with the comb and then clipping that off. Sometimes in short increments to avoid the clippers screeching in protest. It's tedious. But 3 hours of work (it would be less if I had a grooming table and the ability to work non-stop) is well worth saving almost $100. I kid you not, there was half a trash can full of dog hair when all was said and done. Perhaps they needed haircuts a month ago. *oops*
Since my birthday I've also made a conscious effort to devout more time to my sewing/craft projects. I bought a new project book that is fantastic. This is the first project that I tackled over the weekend. It's a knitting needle roll.

I love how it turned out! The ever-present OCD in me means that as soon as I finished I came up with 4 ideas on how to make the next ones better. One benefit to my tweaking is that it makes it more "mine" and less the design of someone else.


marci said...

I love the needleroll = what lovely fabric.

As for grooming -- I hear you! I took Suki to be shaved (again) on Friday; it's $50 plus tip for her alone. I wish I could do her myself, but I pay (and tip generously) for my groomer to deal with her attitude, even when she's tranq'd

Ash said...

congrats on shaving the dogs, welcome to my world! what is that thing u made? it's beautiful fabric!

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

If it makes you feel better, they did an episode of Shear Genius (I'm such a sucker for reality shows) in which the stylists had to cut dog's hair and their owners' hair. The stylists had a really tough time with the doggy cuts. So you're not alone! Not that you didn't know what it entailed, as I'm sure you saw your mom trim a pooch or two... They look great, imo!

The needle roll looks pretty darn near perfect to me ;) Love the color of that fabric! I saw a similar shape used as a crayon roll, which seems like an easy project, too. Can't wait to see what's next!