September 17, 2008

The End is in Sight

At least, it's much more clear now than it was.

The grant money that pays my salary is done next June. We had submitted a pre-application to the same agency for another project. Word came in just now that our pre-ap has been denied.

One of the 4 reviewers gave us a 30% score. That one irresponsible review probably threw us out of the running. He/She didn’t bother to give any specific details on the scoring (like the others did) and the only comment was “. . . . I can’t believe that this is new stuff”. My guess is that this person didn’t even read the proposal. One reviewer gave us a 98% and said that the proposal was the greatest.

This was my BIG hope for job security for another 2-3 years.

Damn. When the funding is gone, so will be my job.

This blows.


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Aww.. That sux. Amazing how one stupid person can have such an effect on someone else's future, livelihood, financial situation and be so calloused and crass about it.

Sorry. Hopefully something greater is on the horizon for you, my friend.

You could always start your own biz as a Pampered Chef consultant ;)

Flying Monkeys said...

Avon is an option too. We have lots of purdy house wives here. ;)

Kristen said...

That is just freaking ridiculous. Doesn't this a$$hole realize people get paid based off of these types of things. I wish there was something more you could do. Are there any other grant possibilities?

Sami said...

Crap... I'm sorry to hear this news. I know you've got some possibilities... hopefully one of those pans out. Ultimately this stinks and I wish there was more that I could say or do to make this easier for you. Hang in there.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry to read the news. It sucks that people have to be like this to others.

Brigitte said...

I'm so sorry. I know how hard you've been working too. I hate when people don't take their jobs seriously. I just love when professionals use the word "stuff" in reports. If only she knew how much this affected you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry honey, I know how hard you work!
Keep your chin up, you have a lot to offer and I'm sure something better will come along just when you need it!
Love you,


marci said...

I've been meaning to comment since you originally posted, but I've been busy. Hence multiple comments today.

So sorry to hear about this - but I'm hoping that this is one of those "when a door closes, another one opens" opportunities for you.

peter said...

punk reviewer, let's throw darts at his review and burn him in effigy! Okay, just kidding. Seriously, though, that stinks. I'm sorry.