September 28, 2008

A Mere 206

Back in early March, I posted about my cop-out on a much needed dentist appointment. I ended the post with this statement:

Wonder how many days it will take to actually reschedule it?

It took 206. Well, it took 203 days to make the phone call and an extra 3 to get in for an appointment (a cancellation). It was still way longer than it should have taken.

I will admit that I have horrible follow through at times. I forget to reschedule canceled appointments; I struggle to remember to return phone calls; I take forever to respond to emails. I've gotten so that I put things as tasks in my Outlook calendar, complete with reminder alarms and everything, so that I remember to do them.

Good news is that my teeth still look great. No cavities -- which I think is pretty impressive for being 30 years old! -- and the cracking on the enamel is minimal and nothing to be concerned about.

Downside to last Friday's visit was that it took the hygienist almost an hour to clean my teeth. My mouth was so incredibly sore the rest of the day. Thankfully the office has tv's on the ceiling above all the chairs so the patients can keep themselves occupied. Hopefully the next trip won't take nearly so long and won't be as painful. I suppose it is my punishment for going almost 1000 days between dentist appointments.

And yes. I scheduled my next visit before I even left the office.


Kristen said...

You're WAY better than me. I can't remember the last time I stepped foot in the dentists office... I hate that place. ;D

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Growing up, the hygenists I saw always took 45 minutes to an hour to clean my teeth. The first time I went somewhere when it took only a half hour, I thought, "There's no WAY my teeth are as thoroughly cleaned in half the time!" I like the longer cleaning! Plus there's nothing like the feel of smooth, freshly polished front teeth.

At least you went - that's the important part, right?

Jessica said...

You were so lucky you didn't have cavities and more enamel problems, especially after everything you had happen during the pregnancy. I'm glad for you!

I hate cleanings too, although yours sounds like it hurt alot! I hate the feeling my teeth have after a cleaning. It feels like they're loose or something! I do like the clean feeling, but could do without the other.

I hope it subsides quickly for you. Nothing's worse than having mouth pain (just think what our poor kiddos went through with teething! ouch!)

Maybe you should dose up on Motrin the next visit ;) hehehehe....Do teething tablets work on adults? (totally kidding!)

Flying Monkeys said...

I hate the dentist. He makes me cry, like a baby. The anxiety I feel when I have to go is tremendous. I hate the dentist.
Good for you on the no cavities girl!

texicaligirl said...

bad girl. the dentist and the eye doctor, too!

ok, my dad was an eye doctor so thats an easy one.

the dentist - i make myself go just by thinking about dentures. i remember one of my aunts getting dentures - it was so gross. i can't imagine having all my teeth pulled. i know they probably don't do that anymore (do they?) - but i don't ever want to find out.


(beer is good for teeth, right?)