October 2, 2006

Baby Shower

My apologies for the delay. Every time I sat down at the computer over the weekend my brain went foggy and I just couldn't string enough words together to make coherent sentences. This morning isn't proving to be much more produtive but I know that I can't keep dragging my feet on this project.

So here's some of what I have...

Me trying to stay off my feet as long as possible before the guests started arriving. I asked everyone to not take any pictures below my knees, but I'm not sure how well they listened!

Me with the gifts about halfway through opening everything. No one thought to take any pictures of all the "loot" before we got started. As you can see in this picture, my legs are starting to swell up. I look forward to having my own ankles back after the baby is born!

The "gang". My 3 closest friends from High School and college. And Miss V, of course!

"Aunt" A, holding up the swing I got from my dad and step-mom. She hosted the shower at her house and I stayed with her the entire time I was in Detroit. Everytime I got up off the couch or tried to do anything, she would act like my mom and tell me to sit down! It was good though, I'm sure she kept my swelling to a minimum.

The beautiful quilt that my mom made. The color (yellow) matches the walls in the nursery perfectly. Must have been "grandma's intuition" as she picked out the fabrics long before C and I decided on a paint color.

Great baby gear that says Michigan State on it and has a cow! I figured that Bean would be our MSU "hook up". C wants to make sure early on that this baby appreciates its "roots"!

The whole family after the hub-bub had settled down. After feeling so huge in all of my sister's wedding pictures, I made the girls stand next to me and tried to minimize my width!

And of course, the star of the day--Miss Victoria! I don't think my mom won any points by sneaking her frosting when Kristin wasn't looking.

For those of you who were at the shower -- thank you so much for making the drive and spending your afternoon with us! It was great to see everyone and spend time together.

For my mom and sisters -- thank you so much for doing all that you did to pull the shower together. Thanks, A, for opening up your house to everyone. All three of you did way more than necessary.

And for everyone -- thank you for all of the gifts that have been bought and sent. C and I are so very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. Your love and support are truly amazing! This baby is very blessed to have such amazing people in its life!


Kristen said...

Wish I could have been there, it sure looks like everyone had a great time!

JessandMatt said...

Sorry I couldn't be there.....looks like you had fun, and got a bunch of goodies!