October 16, 2006

Not Much to Report

I managed to get an appointment for 8:30 this morning at the doctor's office. They took my BP as soon as I got there and it was 140/90. Down a little from where it was when I took it myself but still too high. 140/90 is what most places classify as the lower end of "high" blood pressure.

They put me in a room for a few minutes and then rechecked my BP again. Still 140/90 and by now they've discovered "traces" of protein in my urine. The doc came in (not my usual OB but another one in the practice) and after a few minutes of questions, he thinks that it's the start of pre-eclampsia. If my BP stays on the lower end though it will be considered a mild case.

They drew blood, instructed me on how to collect a 24-hour urine sample and then hooked me up to the NST for about 30 minutes to monitor contractions and the baby. As usual, the little stinker decided not to move for the first 15 and then started kicking up a storm. I had a couple of contractions that registered on the monitor but nothing that the doctor is concerned over. Overall, baby's heartrate looked really good and I was allowed to leave.

No official diagnosis until the bloodwork and 24-hr urine sample is analyzed. Doc said to come home and rest today, giving me a list of symptoms to watch for.

The fun never ends...


JessandMatt said...

Doesn't it figure when you want the baby to move, he/she doesn't? I'm glad the NST turned out okay.

Hopefully, your bp comes down, and everything is ok. As long as they keep monitoring you close, you should be ok. Keep us in the loop on what goes on.

Take it easy at home today, even though the circumstances aren't what you want. There's not many more days you'll be able to have "to yourself" when the baby's here!

Sami said...

The good news is that now they can treat and be aware if this is indeed preeclampsia. I hope it's not, but if it is it's safer for you to know ahead of time then to be in labor and have your bp climb etc. Know I'm thinking of you.

Kristen said...

I am still busily worrying about you and Butterball. Keep an eye on that BP... closely. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that this is not pre-eclampsia.

Hey.... You are now pregnant longer than I was. Yeah for you and butterball!!

Take it easy. Rest and relax.

Sydney once was not moving all day, then she started moving the second, I swear, we walked into the doctors office. Try drinking some juice if that happens again. Hopefully it won't because that is so scary.