October 20, 2006

Butterball's Room

I figured that since Butterball's arrival is approaching quickly that I really should get some pictures of the nursery up for everyone to see. I don't want Grandma to see it for the first time when she flies to Idaho in a few weeks! The lighting hasn't been the greatest the past couple of days again -- it's been cloudy and grey here so I apologize that the quality isn't the best. The room isn't quite finished either. There is still a bunch of little stuff that I need to buy (hamper, laundry basket, storage baskets for the closet, etc.) and the glider isn't in the room. Once it does get moved downstairs it will go to the left of the window. For now it's going to stay in the master bedroom. When the baby first comes home from the hospital it will sleep in the bassinet of the pack 'n play in our room. So I figured I might as well keep the glider close to where ever Butterball will be sleeping.


I have tie-backs for the curtain panels but silly me forgot to buy something to attach them to the wall with. There will also be horizontal blinds on the window at some point too (hopefully this weekend). The quilt hanging over the end of the crib is the one that my mom made.

The bumper still needs to go on the front rail of the crib. I've just left it off for now in order to get better pictures of the crib sheet.

Close up of the crib sheet. It turned out to be much higher quality than I figured it would be. I also have a jersey sheet in yellow and some other crib sheets in white for backups.

The dust ruffle is hard to see because the mattress is at the highest position for now. I'm sure that it will look much better as the baby gets bigger and we have to drop the mattress down into lower positions.

The matching lamp that goes with the bedding set and curtains.
The way cute light fixture that I got on CLEARANCE from Home Depot for $15!
View of the closet. The nursery itself is actually quite small so there is a lot that will go into the closet and keep the room organized. Hopefully.

Up close shot of the diapering/bathing "stuff". And Logan of course. The dogs like to go into the closet and sniff all of the smelly baby products.

All of our homemade baby blankies/quilts. The three on the left are all from the same friend of the family. Two of which she made when I was a baby (the top and bottom) and the middle one is the new one she made for Butterball. I thought it would be really fun to be able to use two generations of quilts from her. The beige blanket on the top of the middle stack was the receiving blanket my mom used to bring ME home from the hospital!

And of course, the obligatory picture of the older "brothers". They love going into the nursery and checking out all the new stuff in there. Hopefully they'll adjust well (or as good as possible) when we bring the baby home from the hospital.


JessandMatt said...

Everything looks so cute! You guys have done a great job. I'm so excited for you two. Aunt Jess can't wait for the "butterball" to make his/her appearance!

Trista said...

It looks beautiful!

Kristen said...

It looks amazing. You guys did a phenomenal job.

Bean said...

Wow! The room is adorable and perfectly organized of course...I wouldn't expect anything less from you! Can't wait to meet the little one!