October 31, 2006

Head's Up!


Obviously this kid is its Dad's offspring as it has a horrible sense of direction!

The OB that I saw yesterday recommended that I try the external version, as long as I was comfortable with the accompanying discomfort. He said that on first time moms the success rate isn't as high because the uterus isn't as "stretchy" but he still felt optimistic about the procedure. Especially since Butterball shows no sign of engaging in my pelvis.

So we're scheduled for 2pm tomorrow, November 1st, in the Labor & Delivery ward at the hospital. They'll do an ultrasound to begin with to check to make sure baby is still bum-down and an NST to check fetal heart tones. If everything checks out okay he'll attempt 3 times to get the baby to spin. He'll grab the bum with one hand and "lift" it up out of the pelvic cavity. Using the other hand he'll try to make the baby do a forward summersault or a backwards one. Just depending on which way it seems the baby wants to go. If successful I'll be allowed to leave and they'll let labor start on its own, with weekly NST's to check on Butterball. If unsuccessful we'll discuss a c-section as they won't try to turn the baby at a later time. Either way, I'll stay monitored in L&D for a while after the procedure to make sure everything looks alright with both me and the little one.

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed today. Mostly at the thought that if something goes wrong tomorrow then we'll be coming home from the hospital with the little one on the outside. Which means we'd better put the car seat in the car and pack my bag tonight, just in case. I also feel like there is stuff here around the house that needs to be done too. My OCD would flare up incredibly if I was to leave tomorrow knowing that my house is dirty and not organized. Obviously I can't get everything done tonight and tomorrow morning but I'd at least like it to be "presentable". I'm a freak, I know.

As for the other specifics of yesterday's appointment--everything looked good. My blood pressure was still elevated but without any other pre-eclampsic symptoms, the OB wasn't overly concerned. My weight is actually down 5 pounds from last week and the loss was attributed to fluctuations in water retention/swelling.
Baby is still measuring a little bit bit but nothing to be overly concerned with either. The OB said that I'd measure a little big ahead, based upon external measurements, becuase of Butterball being breeched. Overall the OB said that I'm doing great, all things considered. He did laugh though and said that he'd be surprised if I ever decided to get pregnant again, after the track record of my last 8 months.

Here's yesterday's 37 week belly pic. And although I won't post the bare belly shot here to prove this next statement, I've been fortunate to not get ANY stretch marks at all.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Trista said...

Good luck with the procedure tomorrow. Here's hoping he spins and you get a little more time...

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow with everything. Hopefully everything will go in your favor, and the little one will stay put for a little while longer. Things will work out, and just remember everything happens for a reason. We'll definitely keep you in our thoughts.

Don't get too overwhelmed with getting everything organized and clean. Just enjoy what's left of your pregnancy...it seems like it takes forever, but after it's done, it will seem like it was so short.

Congrats on no stretch marks! Unfortunately, my little one decided to stretch me to my limit...I have many many "reminders" of my pregnancy. Consider yourself lucky!

We love you, and good luck tomorrow.

Bean said...

Good luck today Dys!! Our thoughts are with you and the little one...Go figure that the butterball would be just as stubborn as his/her mom and dad..
Love you!

Beth said...

Wishing you the best of luck today! The end of HG is in sight - thank you for being so supportive to me as I navigate the picc lines and all of the fun.