October 25, 2006

No Such Luck

Ultrasound shows baby is large for its size. Estimating weight to be 7lbs 8oz, head and abdomen circumference off the charts.

Amniotic fluid levels are good but on the higher side of the range.

Baby is still breech.

Blood pressure once again slightly elevated. No protein in urine.

Lots of words tossed around -- c-section, induction, external version.

Re-evaluation appointment on Monday to discuss options.


Bean said...

Hang in there kiddo! They will do what is best for you and the baby, thanks for the update! We are anxiously awaiting her/his arrival. Take care of yourself!

JessandMatt said...

Let us know what goes on Monday...we're thinking about you.

Anonymous said...


Find a Chiro who is experienced in turning babies. I'll head over to my super cruncy BB and see what the women over there say about how to turn. It was a chiro who was able to help me get Syd's (then known as bean) head out of my hip. She liked to hang out transverse.

Fingers crossed. Turn baby Turn.

Beth said...

Hoping baby suprises you and turns on its on by tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

PS- PICC going strong and after a week of not getting stuck - I am glad I did it. Remind me of this if I ever am crazy enough to do it again.